Thursday, 24 August 2017

Qvoix Toddler Ruffled Set (Remake)

CC Info

  • 6 files included in winrar; you will need to unzip it.
    (included the old version as well)
  • 5 versions- sleeveless, strap, halter, long sleeves
  • info you should know:
    • the original top’s name is renamed from qvoix toddler ruffled top to qvoix toddler ruffled top (old)
    • the package file is still the same; up to you whether u want to remove the original or delete/replace it with this one.
    • as long as u have either the qtrtop (old) or the original one in, it'll still work with the recolors that a few simmers did so you don’t have to worry about that part not working.
  • swatches include solids & 1 white swatch for recoloring purposes; please check my terms of use on the right!


Download Links Below
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Toddler version here 

 Child version here 
Adult version here